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It can be stressful finding the right crew.

“When JaDe is with me I know the talent is in good hands, 

and I can turn my attention elsewhere.”  

Jami Clayman, Sally Beauty Supply

"We need to deliver a high quality product on a quick timeline. I need you to be easy to work with, kind to the rest of the crew, and presentable in front of any clients.

JaDe has all of this down." 

Alyssa Vaught, Red Production Company

a makeup artist who cares about

saving you time on set and money in post
Call Me

It can be stressful finding the right crew.

Save Time on Set 

I bring a positive attitude, experienced set etiquette and make your talent look good every time.

Save Money in Post

So, you don’t have to worry about makeup or talent and can turn your attention to more important tasks.