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Is Morphe Makeup "Inherently Dangerous"?

I am sad to announce that Morphe Makeup is facing a class action lawsuit. According to an article by Erin Shank ( The lawsuit alleges that ingredients not safe for the eye area but are being marketed for use in the eye area. Phrases being used to describe the makeup are "unsuitable and [FDA] unapproved", "severe eye irritation" and even scarier "inherently dangerous".

But worse are the allegations that Morphe was intentionally deceptive with its marketing. It's worse because that means I can't trust them. Shank's article has me convinced that Morphe knew the dangers of certain ingredients. Morphe used words that wouldn't be used unless intentionally trying to deceive their customers. Calling it "artistry palettes” or “pressed pigments" instead of eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is the wording used when the product is safe to use around the eyes. But, Morphe is clearly marketing the same products as eyeshadow in the photos below.

I will be keeping an eye out to see how Morphe handles this situation. But right now I am wary of trusting this company.

And my friends, the list of problematic makeup is very long. So, if you have these makeup products you should consider not using them. And if you still want to use them definitely avoid the eye area because they may contain dangerous color additives. (I want your opinion at the end)

Products with possibly dangerous additives:

  • James Charles Palette;

  • Morphe X Sour Patch Kids Palette;

  • 35T Sweetest Tea Palette;

  • Mickey & Friends Truth Be Bold Palette;

  • 9x L’il Artistry Palette;

  • We Make Rainbows Jealous Palette;

  • UV Grunge Palette;

  • UV Taffies Palette;

  • UV Brights Palette;

  • Coca-Cola X Morphe Cheerfully Cherry Palette;

  • Morphe X Nyane Fierce Fairytale Artistry Palette;

  • Morphe X Make It Black 18 Pan Artistry Palette;

  • Morphe X Lucky Charms Make Some Magic Artistry Palette;

  • Morphe X Pony Constellation Sky Artistry Palette;

  • 35O Supernatural Glow Artistry Palette;

  • 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette;

  • 18T Truth or Bare Palette;

  • 35C Everyday Chic Palette;

  • 9Y Heart Candy Artistry Palette;

  • 9B Calm Me Baby Palette;

  • Morphe X Ashley Strong Affirmation Magic Artistry Palette;

  • 35F Fall Into Fabulous Artistry Palette;

  • 9E Pretty in Peach Palette;

  • 9H Hot for Hue Artistry Palette;

  • 9K Khaki Calling Artistry Palette;

  • 9V Vintage Rose Artistry Palette;

  • 9W Smoke & Shadow Artistry Palette;

  • 9S So Chill Artistry Palette;

  • 9D Painted Desert Artistry Palette;

  • 18F Talkin’ Flirty Artistry Palette;

  • 18B Makin’ Bank Artistry Palette;

  • 18A Blue Ya Away Artistry Palette;

  • Morphe X Lisa Frank 35B By Lisa Frank Artistry Palette Zoomer & Zorbit;

  • Morphe X Lisa Frank 35B By Lisa Frank Artistry Palette Prancing Unis;

  • Morphe X Lisa Frank 35B By Lisa Frank Artistry Palette Forrest;

  • Madison Beer Channel Surfing Artistry Palette;

  • Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Volume 2;

  • 35O3 Fierce By Nature Artistry Palette;

  • 35M Boss Mood Artistry Palette;

  • 39S Such a Gem Artistry Palette;

  • 35H Hot Spot Artistry Palette;

  • Magic + Ecstasy Palette;

  • 35V Stunning Vibes Artistry Palette;

  • Colorfix 24-Hour Cream Color (Shades Nebula, Alien, Ballerina, Goldmine, Celebration, Magnetic, Wild Orchid, Exposed, Nude 3, Latte, Desert Rose, Crème Brulee, Chocolate, Blackout, Lift, Beaches, Valentine, Clear, Wasabi, UFO);

  • Suva Beauty Hydra FX Liners (Shades Doodle Dee, Doodle Doo, Bomb AF, Scrunchie, Dance Party, Fanny Pack, Track Suit, Acid Trip, Lustre Lilac);

  • M2 Always Online Gel Liner (Shades Fierce Fuchsia, Berry Lush);

  • Color Pencil (Shades Coconut, Pearly, Fantasy, Love Bite, Pinken, All Night, Harper, Faith, Extra, Lock It, Poolside, Falling for Green, Everlasting, Sparkler, Laurel, Dusty, Jemma, Coin, Regal, Caviar, Editorial, Secret, Toastie, Trendsetter, Vibes, Saint, Richie, Bar, Midnight, Dark Room, Toots, Bamboo, Fairy Dust, Sun Kissed, Backseat, Love, Mimi, Foolish, Bae, Frenchie, Honeymoon, Chippy, Sweetheart, Guide Me, Clingy, Makeup Talk, Spiffy, Coffee & Kissy, Sweet Tea, Bite Me, Forecast, Show Stopper, Bubble, Zippy, Crush, Ginger, Twinkle, Hoova, Petal, Studded, BFF, Sugar Pie, Mina, Linda, Scarlet, Blossom, High Maintenance, Fashionista, Wine Me, Heckle, Date Night, 9to5, High Voltage, It’s Vintage, Love Life, Lush Worthy, Well Red); and

  • P. Louise Bases (Shades Vivid Violet, Winter Rose, OTT Orange, Rude Boy Red, Blank Canvas, Raver, Ibiza, Glow Girl).

After seeing the long list of problematic palettes will you still use Morphe?

  • 0%Yes, but not in the eye area.

  • 0%Yes, just not these palettes.

  • 0%No, watching and waiting to see what the verdict is.

  • 0%No, not trusting Morphe anymore?

For more information visit this link

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