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Is your makeup artist's kit contaminated?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I have noticed this problem. I have seen a lot of makeup artists talk on social media about the sanitation processes they are just now putting in place because of Covid-19 (novel Coronavirus).

Yes we should all be taking steps to make talent and clients feel comfortable and stay healthy. But some these artists are just now practicing clean habits. The makeup in their kits is the same makeup from when they didn't have clean habits. This is a red flag that bacteria that could be already growing in their kits.

Imagine being able to glance in a makeup artist's kit and be able to tell whether or not they have been keeping it clean. Watch this quick video. I give you some things to look for that will help keep your shoot healthy.

Stay healthy and beautiful,

JaDe Rain, makeup


Saving you time on set and money in post

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