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All The Nail Stuff You Need

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Beauty Pro Picks

Disclaimer: Some companies I link have affiliate programs. For instance as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But many other companies don't. I recommend a product is because I like it not because of a few cents from affiliate programs. The reason I link it is because I want to help you find good products easier.

With all the nail products and tools out there it is hard to narrow down what you really need. After trying out tons of products these are the go tos that I carry in my nail bag. With these I can even transform man hands into being ready for their close up.

This nail bag is a great combo of the basics for a personal manicure. But this is actually my Nail Kit for when I work on commercials. In commercials makeup, hair and even nails need to help show off the product. They should not attract attention away from whatever the commercial is selling. So nails should blend in and not draw focus away from the product. But then some sweet actress will show up with black coffin gel nails with holographic tips. And it is my job to disguise them. Here are my go tos and why I think everyone can benefit from them.

Nail Polish - Because I am limited on time, I need a polish that dries quickly and needs a max of 2 coats to cover any color. I carry 2 colors. Smartease used for fair skin tones. Frill Seeker used for medium to dark skin tones. I also carry Matte just in case we need to knock down shine for a close up.

Micro-Scissors aka Twissors - this is one of those MUST HAVE tools in a makeup artists kit. In my nail kit I use it for hang nails or trimming cuticles. But, I also have one in my makeup kit because I can trim hairs so close to the skin it is like I shaved the hair. With these there is no skin irritation. This means I can groom quickly and not wait for the swelling from tweezing to go down. And I don't have to color correct the redness either. I have just saved time. Time is worth more than money because I can never get it back. Micro-Scissors are worth every bit of the $25. Buy here. Pros follow this link so you can get your discount here from Camera Ready Cosmetics. Oh, did I mention it also is amazing for getting splinters out?

Acetone - I don't mess with non-acetone. I need speed at work. And at home that non-acetone takes so long that I end up scrubbing my nails with it and hurting my finger tips. I rather use the strong stuff and wipe away the old polish with ease. Here is the brand I use with the pump. The pump makes spills less likely and just is easier.

Moisturizer - When are doing close ups of hands I want the skin to look soft and supple. I use CeraVe Moisturizing Cream because it does an amazing job of deep moisturizing the hands quickly. Even when someone shows up with dry cracking cuticles I can make them look right with this and the Micro-Scissors. It is also amazing for personal use on my tired feet after a long day on my feet. I actually like the pump packaging better (it does cost more). So here is a link to the pump plus bonus travel size set.

Cuticle Pusher - I have a mini stainless steel one that I got in a random nail kit. But these mini wooden pushers are what I would buy.

Nail Brush - my little pink one came from DollarTree in a pack of 2 different sizes for $1. But if you don't feel like making a run here is a cute nail brush set. With this pack you have extra so you can put one near every sink at the house and wash your hands even better. I have an extra in my kit so I can do a good scrubbing when I go to the ladies room.

Nail File - here I don't have a favorite. But these are pretty cute. I usually grab whatever Sally Beauty has in stock when I am picking up something else. So if you have a favorite please share!

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